Upload Debug Symbols

Learn more about how to upload debug symbols in Sentry Kotlin Multiplatform.

To symbolicate your stack traces, you need to provide debug information to Sentry. The symbolication process unscrambles the stack traces to reveal the function, file names, and line numbers of the crash.

For Apple applications please follow the iOS documentation on Uploading Debug Symbols to set up debug symbols upload.

To upload ProGuard mapping files or Native debug bymbols via Gradle you need to install the Sentry Android Gradle plugin:

plugins {
    id("io.sentry.android.gradle") version "4.8.0"

// Prevent Sentry dependencies from being included in the Android app through the AGP.
sentry {
  autoInstallation {

Learn more in the Sentry Gradle Plugin docs for ProGuard/R8 & DexGuard.

You can find more information in the Sentry Gradle Plugin docs for Native Debug Symbols and Sources.

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